Winter Demo 2011

by Singing in the Abbey

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released January 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Singing in the Abbey Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Owl and The Pussycat
come, away, your life is like the night
on, a lake, you both are floating light

on your boat boasts the moonlight

hand, in hand, you'll stand on the edge of the sand
you'll trade your money, for honey
and your boat will guide you to land
but it's hard, to escape, the grips of the world's delights
and the hours getting late when the moon won't shine so bright

on your boat boasts the moonlight
on your boat boasts the moonlight

now the turkey and the swine, your union they will bind
and you'll dance, by the light and your pea green boat will guide
but the hours getting late, and the moon is growing dim
now the owl and the pussycat are really just her and him!

on your boat boasts the moonlight
on your boat boasts the moonlight
Track Name: Winter in Chicago (George Sand)
Stay, inside
It's cold out, and I'm
your whole world wrapped in white.

When the blueline, arrives
When the streetcars, collide
When you hold me, hold me tight

Hope, alive alive!
As the old maids of Crow, they finally died.
All the walls, of division, they fall
All the ice, it dries...

I love the way you showed
The Right, the lies, exposed
Now watch, the dreams of old....

Shoulder it all until the springtime
Track Name: The Blue Lake Special
Winter's gone!
The night's young.
The sun is down.

So, come, sit down
Where the fire's warm
And speak of wars
That capsized your youth.

Can we bring the old
The old ways of life
Back to the young and know'd!
Track Name: EC Hughes
hold the camera high
let me under your skin
it's the greatest life
when you let it in, and then it ends

all your friends are near
telling all their jokes
telling tales of old
spilling on your clothes

we all are waiting (for the day to break)
take another picture honey (take it in all the way)
we all are waiting (for you to break)
but no way

now swing on the highest swing
knock those buggers down
take another look
who is standing now
who is standing now

get her in a room all alone
so you can tell her it was real
tell her everything, that you think she needs to hear
like, 'it's the greatest life! what a lovely day! you're the best i had! why'd you go away? why'd you go away?'